Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New vintage kitchenalia & collectables just unpacked at Vamp -13 Aug 2014

Assorted vintage enamel. From left to right:

Cream coloured ashtray, inscribed 1952 @ R75
Red Polish enamel milk warming jug with strainer insert. Diameter – 13cm | Height – 11cm @ R185
Small long handled blue enamel jug. Diameter without handle – 8cm | Height – 8cm @ R115
Blue enamel billy can. Diameter – 10.5cm | Height – 22cm @ R245

Two gorgeous white enamel vintage bundt cake tins 
Approx Diameter – 21cm | Approx Height – 11cm 
R320 each

An iconic lidded marmalade pot from the 1960’s Pomona series by Raija Uosikken for Arabia, Finland. Fully marked to the base and with it's original lid. 
Diameter – 10cm | Height – 6cm 

A pair of collectable swirled vintage Jadeite bowls:
Small: Diameter – 20cm | Height – 10cm 

Large: Diameter – 23cm | Height – 11cm 

A pair of vintage white milk glass Fireking mixing bowls: 
Small: Diameter – 15cm | Height – 7.5cm 

Large: Diameter – 21cm | Height – 11cm 

A pair of Vintage rubber toys: 
A collectable rubber bunny. Manufactured in 1961 by the Edward Mobley Co. This open and shut eye bunny was part of a series of rubber animals, including an elephant, a lamb and a puppy.
Height – 27cm 

A squeaky rubber racoon
Height – 19cm

A gorgeous light pink art deco light shade witrh original chrome fittings 
Diameter of shade – 19cm | Height including chrome rod – 67cm

5 bright yellow vintage Eileen melamine bowls
Diameter – 16cm

R25 each

Friday, August 8, 2014

This weeks new vintage furniture stock at Vamp - 08 August 2014

We have just unpacked all this gorgeous stock! You can contact Meggan on should you have any enquiries. 

Beautiful round Walnut Art Deco display cabinet with glass shelves
Length at widest – 118cm | Depth – 36cm | Height – 147.5cm  

Mid-century drinks trolley on its original castors in Sapele and Mahogany woods with a removable top tray
87cm x 40cm | Height – 73cm

Imbuia mid-century sideboard
Length – 125cm | Depth – 45cm | Height – 89cm

Lovely mid-century coffee table in Walnut
136.5cm x 68cm | Height – 44cm

Solid Imbuia retro coat stand with bright yellow accents
Height – 169cm

Solid Imbuia retro coat stand with bright red accents
Height – 169cm

Kitsch and cool retro surfboard style table with gold beading
100cm x 45cm | Height – 40cm

Retro copper lamp base
Bottom diameter – 23cm | Height – 65cm

Black metal magazine stand with red inserts
Length – 50cm | Depth (base)  - 50cm | Height – 119cm

Solid Meranti vintage desktop file divider
Length – 104cm | Depth – 20cm | Height – 43cm

Re-sprayed vintage Krost metal veg rack
Length – 42.5cm | Depth – 22cm |Height – 56cm

Vintage Aluminium coat stand with yellow accents
Height – 146cm

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New vintage kitchenalia and collectables just unpacked at Vamp - 06 August 2014

Vintage ceramic rabbit in perfect condition
Length - 11cm | Height - 7cm

Wooden Japanese made doll with 7 small dolls that fit inside. I am not entirely sure if these would be classified as Kokeshi dolls as I don't recall them having anything inside them - does anyone know? 
Diameter - 8cm | Height - 16cm 

A pair of tall vintage tins. One with yellow and one with red flowers. 
Diameter - 23cm | Height - 33cm 
R95 each

Bright orange vintage plastic milk bottle carrier. Looks fabulous carrying succulents or herbs. 
28cm x 25cm | Height – 25cm 

Small vintage jelly moulds 
Small : Diameter – 7.5cm | Height 4cm @ R15 each 
Large : Diameter – 12.5cm | Height 5cm @ R35

2 x vintage Luciaware Daschunds in black and green
Length - 20cm | Height – 8.5cm
R85 each

Vintage pastel glass dessert bowls
Diameter - 9cm | Height – 8cm
R35 each

Vintage Edward Sharp tin 
26cm x 18cm | Height – 5.5cm


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New vintage Fisher Price toys just unpacked at Vamp - 05 August 2014

Vintage Fisher Price Tip Toe Turtle in excellent working condition. Pull him along and his legs move and he makes a ringing sound. #773 made in USA. Copyright '62. Fisher Price Toys, East Aurora N.Y.
Length – 21cm

Vintage Fisher Price Mini-Copter. Excellent working condition. Pull it along and its wheels and rotor blades turn and it makes a sound. #448 made in USA. Copyright '70. Fisher Price Toys, East Aurora, N.Y.
Length – 18cm | Height – 12cm

A pair of vintage Fisher Price Toot Toot Steam trains. Excellent working condition. Pull them along and the wheels turn and they make a chugging sound. #643 made in USA. Copyright '64 Fisher Price Toys.
Length - 15cm | Height - 10cm
R220 each

Vintage Fisher Price pull along Chatter Telephone. Excellent condition. Pull it along and the wheels turn, eyes move and it makes a sound. It also rings if you turn the dial. . #747 made in USA. '61 Fisher Price Toys. East Aurora, N.Y.
Length - 16cm

Just unpacked; 'it's beautiful here' coat hooks - 04 August 2014

Designed by Heath Nash, these iconic coat racks now come in 2 sizes:

Length – approx. 1m | Height - +-13cm 

Length – approx. 75cm | Height - +-13cm

Friday, August 1, 2014

New stock of MIES body products juyst unpacked at Vamp - 01 August 2014

New stock of MIES body products just arrived! Each and every line has been tried and tested by us (the perks of having a shop!) and we can honestly report that they are Sublime! They make great gifts too!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Sobiet stock just arrived and unpacked at Vamp - 31 July 2014

Horse looking glass. White on black. A fun twist on the traditional regency mirror.  Diameter – 38cm

Dian Fossey looking glass in white. A fun twist on the traditional regency mirror.  
Diameter – 38cm

Horse candle. Black or white.
9.5cm x 18.5cm

Deer antlers 
Length (widest point between horns) – 61cm | Height – 78cm

Anatomically correct metalized skulls in brass, chrome and copper
R1450 each