Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Sobeit stock just unpacked at Vamp - 22 November 2014

We LOVE their mad style!

Coco-Vanilla skull soap
Box size: 7.5cm x 11cm
@ R100 each

Hello Dolly and Rabbit candles in yellow
Hello Dolly: Height – 26cm @ R275 each
Rabbit: Height - 25cm @ R295 each  

Anatomically correct metalized skulls in brass, chrome and copper
R1595 each

Horse candle in black or white.
Height - 18.5cm
R380 each

Horse looking glass. White on black. A fun twist on the traditional regency mirror.  
Diameter – 38cm

Dian Fossey looking glass in white. A fun twist on the traditional regency mirror. 
Diameter – 38cm

Staghorns in pink
Widest point between antlers – 61cm | Height – 78cm

Staghorns in lime green
Widest point between antlers – 61cm | Height – 78cm

Staghorns in yellow
Widest point between antlers – 61cm | Height – 78cm

Large parrot and Mary candles
Parrot: Height – 30cm @ R580
Mary: Height – 32cm @ R320

Friday, November 21, 2014

New hand crocheted creatures just unpacked - 21 November 2014

We are pleased to introduce a new supplier...PROJEKT is a design-based fair trade initiative, providing ongoing skills training, through workshops and lessons to their 25 members from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Congo and South Africa, working with design direction from Peta Becker. All these little PROJEKT creatures are hand crocheted from 100% cotton. 
We love their detailed impeccable work. They sure have some crazy crochet skills!

Handmade dogs with bones
2 sizes:
Large: Length – +-18cm | Height – +-12cm @ R485 each 
Small: Length - +-12cm | Height - +-7cm @ R310 each

Handmade rabbits :
2 sizes:
Large: Height - +-20cm @ R275 each 
Small: Height - +-12cm @ R170 each

Handmade foxes 
2 sizes: 
Large: Height - +-16cm @ R275 each
Small: Height - +-12cm @ R185 each

Handmade Mice
Height – 11cm 
R140 each

Handmade Monkeys 
3 sizes:
Large: Height – +-12.5cm @ R150 each 
Small: Height - +-10cm @ R120 each
Mini: Height - +-7.5cm @ R100 each

Handmade Bowtie Bears 
Height – +-14cm 
R345 each

Handmade Cacti
Bottom diameter – +-10cm | Height – +-43cm
R585 each

Thursday late at Vamp

Vamp will be open next Thursday 27th November all day until 9pm for Thursday Late in Woodstock. We have new stock streaming in every day in preparation for the season, so please join us for a glass of bubbles and a browse! 368c Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. 

Frankie Issue 61 just unpacked at Vamp.

Limited copies available so come and get them! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

This weeks new vintage furniture at Vamp - 14 November 2014

Mid-century Frystark sideboard made from Teak wood
Length – 183cm | Depth – 45.5cm | Height – 79.5cm 

Mid-century Maple wood sideboard with original yellow and black Formica doors
Length -138cm | Depth – 48cm| Height – 98cm

Oval solid Oak occasional / side table (Please take note of the measurements)
90cm x 75cm | Height – 62cm 

An industrial style metal filing cabinet made by Atomic in its original vintage condition. Unfortunately no keys. Each drawer is divided into 2 compartments.
Length – 51cm | Depth – 63cm | Height – 132cm 

Mid-century Imbuia extension dining table. It has one of those great extensions that neatly folds in under the table when not in use.
Extended: 244cm x 91.5cm | Height – 75.5cm
Not extended: 183cm x 91.5cm  | Height – 75.5cm

Light wood retro sideboard.
Length – 122cm | Depth – 45cm  | Height – 85cm

Mid-century Imbuia sideboard.
Length – 213.5cm | Depth – 50cm | Height – 75.5cm

Beautiful mid-century teak and glass G-plan (UK) side table. G-Plan was a pioneering range of furniture in the United Kingdom, produced by E Gomme Ltd of High Wycombe.
Diameter – 84cm | Height – 45cm 

Revamped vintage bathroom cabinets with original beveled mirrors
Large: Length – 36cm | Depth – 16cm | Height – 46cm cabinet only and 70cm including the embellishment 

Small: Length – 30cm | Depth – 13cm | Height – 41cm cabinet only and 56.5cm including the embellishment 

2 x retro wooden ashtray holders, which would also work really well for pot plants!
Diameter of the opening for pot plant /ashtray – 10cm | Height – 64.5cm 

50’s retro desk. Sapele and Mahogany  wood with original yellow Formica top. 
Length – 122cm | Depth – 61cm | Height – 78cm 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

NEW collectables just unpacked at Vamp - 13 November 2014

Vintage large West German Vase
Approximate diameter at the widest – 25cm | Height – 40cm

Mid century amber Grapponia Dish, designed by Nanny Still for the Riihimaen Lasi Oy company, Finland
Diameter of top – 16cm | Height – 17cm

Mid Century smoky cased art glass from the Riihimaen Lasi Oy glassworks in Finland
Top diameter – 9.5cm | Height – 18cm

Taalari pressed glass ashtray designed in 1966 by Tamara Aladin for Riihimäen Lasi Oy glass works in Finland
11cm x 11cm | Height – 6.9cm 

Mid -century amethyst coloured trumpet top cased glass vase by Aseda glassworks of Sweden.
Diameter at the widest – 8cm | Height – 35.5cm

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New mirror stock just unpacked - 12 November 2014

Vamp Mirrors are manufactured using African Mahogany veneered wood as a backing, 3mm mirror (except the large oval which is 4mm) and retro chrome fittings. We manufacture the following standard sizes:

Vamp medium oval mirror (Can be hung either way)
66cm x 45cm

Vamp medium shaped mirror
55cm x 55cm

Vamp medium octagonal mirror (Can be hung either way)
41cm x 61cm

Round mirrors come in the following standard sizes
Diameter 25cm @ R385
Diameter 35cm @ RR485
Diameter 45cm @ R635
Diameter 55cm @ R975
Diameter 65cm @ R1250

Round mirrors come in the following standard sizes
Diameter 25cm @ R385
Diameter 35cm @ RR485
Diameter 45cm @ R635
Diameter 55cm @ R975
Diameter 65cm @ R1250

Vamp large oval mirror (Can be hung either way)
45cm x 120cm