Monday, July 21, 2014

New vintage kitchenalia and collectables just unpacked at Vamp - 21 July 2014

Vintage ‘Koffiehuis’ tins depicting birds of South Africa
1 x large without lid: Diameter – 13cm | Height – 17.5cm @ R40
3 x small with lids: Diameter – 10cm | Height – 11.5cm @ R35 each

Classic vintage Goodhope Ware tins with red and white stripes
Large: Diameter – 18cm| Height – 25.5cm @ R120
Small: Diameter – 14cm | Height – 17.5cm @ R100

Sawyers Model C Bakelite View Master in original box.
The View-Master Model C was produced between 1946 and 1955. It was made from Bakelite and was the first viewer to have a slot into which the reels were placed for viewing.
Box: 12cm x 10cm  | Height – 8.5cm

A set of 6 Midwinter Melamine dinner plates in pastel yellow and pink
Diameter – 21.5cm
R35 each 

Seven small vintage stackable Kindergarten chairs. There are 2 sizes:
Height of seat – 29cm | Height of back – 52cm | Size of seat – 26.5cm x 26.5cm
Height of seat – 34.4cm | Height of back – 58cm | Size of seat – 35cm x 25cm
R185 each 

Lovely old leather saddle

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vintage pottery and other collectables just unpacked at Vamp - 17 July 2014

Tilgmans Keramik handled pottery vase, made in Sweden circa 1960′s. Glaze in varying shades of green. Marked 649. 
Bottom Diameter – 10.5cm | Height – 13cm 

Scheurich pottery vase. Marked 549-27. W. Germany.
Bottom Diameter – 10.5cm| Height – 20.5cm

Italian Mid-Century pottery vase
Top diameter – 12cm | Height – 10.5cm

Austrian pottery vase.  Marked: Austria. 4242-20
Middle diameter excl. handles  – approx. 12cm | Height – 20cm

A pair of Bay pottery vases. Marked: Bay. W-Germany. 74  14
Bottom diameter – 7cm | Height – 14cm
R120 each 

A trio of modern melamine bowls designed for Orskov by Jørgen Møller.
Top diameter – 10cm | Height – 5cm
R175 for the set of 3 

Iconic 1950’s ‘Homemaker’ side plate by Enid Seeney for Ridgway Potteries.
Diameter – 17cm

Modernist cast iron taper candle holder composed of two seperate, interlocking pieces.
Diameter – 10cm | Height – 4.5cm

Modernist cast iron taper candle holder. Made in Japan.
Diameter – 10cm | Height – 3.5cm

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New vintage kitchenalia and collectables just unpacked - 16 July 2014

1950’s Midwinter ‘Modern Fashion Shape’ umbrella cookie stand. Green Domino pattern by Jesse Tait.
Diameter – 20cm | Height – 15cm

Orange vintage plastic LP record holder
Width – 15cm | Depth 32cm |Height – 32cm

Vintage metal lunch tin
Length – 35cm| Depth – 21cm | Height – 21cm

A red and a blue vintage enamel ladle
Length – 31cm
R165 each 

A vintage child’s ‘Hart’ aluminium pot and pan set
To get an idea of size the roasting dish is: Diameter – 14cm | Height – 7.5cm
Roasting dish – R85
Frying pan – R65
Small saucepan with lid - R65
Medium saucepan – R75
Large Saucepan – R85
Double bolier – R95
Ladle - R45

Mounted deer antlers  
Shield – 26cm x 36cm |Width between horns – 43cm|  From bottom of shield to top of antler – 53cm

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vintage Ball and Atlas bottles just unpacked - 15 July 2014

A wonderful collection of early 1900 Ball and Atlas bottling jars

6 Ball Mason jars. This version of the Ball logo dates back to between 1896 and 1910 
Bottom diameter – 9cm | Height – 17.5cm 

R220 each

2 large and 4 small Ball Perfect Mason jars. This version of the Ball logo dates back to between 1923 and 1933
LARGE: Bottom diameter – 9cm | Height – 17.5cm @ R220 each 
SMALL: Bottom diameter – 8cm | Height – 14cm @ R180 each

6 Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason Jars
Bottom diameter – 9cm | Height – 17.5cm
R220 each

Vintage Cornishware just unpacked at Vamp - 14 July 2014

First produced in the 1920's, this distinctive pottery allegedly owes its name to an employee who said it reminded them of the blue sky and white-crested waves of Cornwall.
All the following pieces bare the TG Green and Co Ltd Greenshields backstamp, dating them between 1930 and 1960.

A collectable vintage Cornishware cheese dish with Green Shield makers mark. There is a little crazing on the lid 
Diameter of saucer –21 cm | Height – 8cm 

Collectable Cornishware straight sided jar with lid. Green Shield makers mark. A couple of very small chips on inside of lid. 
Diameter –12cm | Height (with lid) - 7cm

A pair of collectable vintage Cornishware jars with lids. Green Shields makers mark. Some crazing on the body of the jars. 
Diameter – (with lid) 7cm | Height (with lid) - 8cm 
R220 each

A collectable vintage Cornishware flour shaker. Green Shields makers mark. Great condition with a little crazing. 
Bottom Diameter – 7cm| Height with lid – 11.5cm 

Vintage Polish Enamel just unpacked at Vamp - 14 July 2014

Red Polish Enamel saucepans 
Small: Diameter – 11.5cm | Height – 6cm @ R150
Medium: Diameter – 13.5cm | Height – 7cm @ R160
Large: Diameter – 15cm | Height – 8cm @ R175

Red Polish enamel pots with lids 
Large : Diameter – 26.5cm | Height (without lid) - 17.5cm @ R295
2 x Medium: Diameter – 20cm | Height (without lid) - 14cm @ R195

Red Polish enamel frying pans 
Small: Diameter (excluding handle) – 21.5cm| Height – 4.5cm @ R175
Large: Diameter (excluding handle) – 26cm |Height- 5cm @ R195

Red Polish enamel coffee pot and mugs
Coffee pot: Bottom Diameter – 14cm| Height with lid – 24cm @ R185
5 x Mugs: Diameter (excluding handle) – 9cm| Height – 7cm @R30 each (Note: Enamel is chipped inside the mugs)

Red Polish enamel ‘Kitchen Things’ container
Diameter: 14cm | Height: 13.5cm