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  1. What a production to get to see the fold-up chair featured in House and Garden. Just want to know it you have it in stock before I trawl the length of Albert Road. Chloe 0832667136

    1. Hi there Chloe,

      Thank you for your comment, although I am not really sure what you mean with regards to it being a production? Did you try and contact our shop another way with no response?
      I have not seen the House and Garden Article you are referring to. Please let me know which edition it is in and I will find out for you. Alternatively you can email me a pic of the chair and I will let you know if its available or not ( , or you can call us on 021 448 2755. Our shop address is 368c Albert Road, Woodstock (up the cobbled driveway behind Bantu and Wauhaus) and we have parking right outside our door. Failing all this, I will call you in the morning to ascertain which chair you are referring to.
      Thank you, Paula