Thursday, January 21, 2010

what a fabulous week!

Wow what a busy week its been...the shop was full and then empty and is now full again!! Here are some of the pieces we have been working on this week...

Midnight blue locker - personally I think it would make a fab bedside table!!(Length – 60cm, Depth – 35cm, Height–58cm )

50’s Airflex lounge suite with original vinyl (Single seater: Length – 78cm, Depth – 77cm / Couch: Length – 176cm, Depth – 77cm)

We found an old ball and claw riempie base without the riempies and a retro bookcase without legs.  Michael cunningly pieced them together and look what happend!!

Retro bookcase/cabinet with sliding glass doors on a ball and claw base in teal (Length – 99cm, Depth – 33.5cm, Height – 85.5cm)

Three small side tables with black metal legs and teal tops (Pair: 30cm x 30cm, Height – 38.5cm / Single: 26cm x 26cm, Height – 42.5cm)

Cool  retro side table with red top (Length – 48cm, Depth – 35cm, Height – 41.5cm )

Gorgeous Art Deco dressing table (Length – 163cm, Depth – 55.5cm, Height – 151.5cm)

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