Friday, December 3, 2010

vamp at maya prass

As of tomorrow, we will be stocking a range of furniture at the Maya Prass store in Constantia Village. The first range we have put together for them is called 'Sorbet', hope you like it! Maya is also launching her High Summer Collection, so be sure to stop by tomorrow, lots of exciting things happening!
Maya Prass Concept Store, 7 Constantia Courtyard, Main Road, Constantia 021 794 8805

Matching dove grey pedestals with cut glass handles
(L – 46cm, D = 44.5cm, H – 63cm)

 Lavender pedestal with original brass handle
(L – 41cm, D – 35cm, H – 77cm)
Pistachio green server with cut glass handles
(L – 152cm, D – 59cm, H – 92cm)

 Rose dresser with gilt mirror and original handles (L – 75cm, D – 31cm, H – 74.5cm)

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