Thursday, March 10, 2011

new stock at Vamp this week

Retro desk with yellow, grey and cream accents and a glass top
(L – 107cm, D - 46cm, H – 77cm)

Red metal filing cabinet
(L – 46cm, D – 62cm, H – 132cm)

Pair of vintage sprung Cintique armchairs by GH Stark, upholstered in lavender 

Single retro dining chair upholstered in cream vinyl 

Vintage kitchen dresser in black and cream with original Bakelite handles
(L – 107cm, D – 45cm, H – 165cm)

Vintage cane chair 

Set of 3 box framed vintage prints of original sketches by H. Pulon
(goose and pigeon: 43.5cm x 28.5cm, bird:  33.3cm x 38.5cm)

Sorry about the pic quality, couldn’t avoid light reflections off the glass!

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