Friday, April 15, 2011

new stock at Vamp this week

Sapele Mahogany chest of drawers with white accents
(L – 84cm, D – 45cm, H – 85.5cm) 

Sapele Mahogany sideboard with white, grey and yellow accents and glass sliding doors
(L – 152cm, D – 42cm, H – 84cm) 

Coffee table with red glass top
(L – 100cm, D – 50cm, H – 48cm)  

Blue Formica kitchen table with drop sides
(extended: L – 125cm, D – 69cm, H – 75cm / not extended: L – 67cm)

Sideboard / TV stand with black and white accents 
(L – 144cm, D – 46cm, H – 68cm)

Entrance hall mirror with hooks in bright red
(48cm x 48cm) 

Large oval mirror in a bright yellow ornate frame 
(80cm x 120cm) 

Solid Mahogany bookshelf with red backing
 (L - 89cm, D – 22.5cm, H – 117cm)

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