Friday, May 6, 2011

new stock at Vamp

Small table (could be used as a desk) with natural wood splayed legs and a red top with glass
(L – 90cm, D -44cm, H – 75cm) 

Chest of drawers with white accents
(L – 60cm, D – 42cm, H -93cm)  

Occasional table in electric blue with glass top
(45cm x 45cm, H – 76cm)

Maple veneer chest of drawers with dove grey accents
 (L – 91cm, D - 46cm , H – 73cm)

Retro 4 seater dining room table 
(L – 136cm, D – 84cm, H – 73cm) 

Tall wicker framed mirror 
(48cm x 110cm) 

Vintage print by Louis Shabner “Puppy Love” in a carved wooden frame with glass
(50cm x 65cm) 

2 x small teal side tables 
 (D – 30cm, H – 36cm)

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