Thursday, September 22, 2011

vintage prints at Vamp ...

 'Country Boy' Tovine @ R425.00 (65cm x 80cm)
 'Puppy Love' Louis Shabner @ R850.00 (50cm x 64cm)
 Horse Pastel by J White @ R385.00 (49cm x 63cm)
Steeple Chase print, artist unknown @ R575.00 (98cm x 68cm) 
 Stag oil on canvas, artist unknown @ R395.00 (32cm x 93cm
 'Chrysanthemums' Tretchikoff @ R1850.00 (53cm x 99cm) With original brass plaque
 Vintage print, artist unknown @ R445.00 (49cm x 94cm)
 Vintage print by Reg Lewis @ R365.00 (108cm x 68cm)
Roses vintage print, artist unknown @ R285.00 (28cm x 36cm


  1. Please can you tell me more about the reg Lewis print

    1. I am afraid, I have no idea at all Nicola. The only advice I have is to try and Google it, which I am sure you have already done:) Sorry, not much help there.