Friday, December 9, 2011

new furniture at Vamp this week...

Bright yellow retro standing lamp
(base – 30cm x 30cm, Height straight up – 172cm)

Vintage mirror with ornate purple frame
(40cm x 85cm)

Vintage kitchen dresser with cream and red accents
(L – 120cm, D – 48cm, H – 161cm)

Imbuia wall unit with grey, cream and black accents. The shelves slot in so are adjustable
(L – 86cm , D – 47cm, H – 200cm)

Reproduction retro bookshelf with white accents
(L – 118cm, D – 30cm, H – 76cm)

Small Solid Mahogany ‘S’ shelf
(L – 76cm, D – 20cm, H – 71cm)

Vintage chrome adjustable table
(D - 51cm x 51cm, Highest – 90cm, Lowest – 66cm)

Small dove grey top side table with beading and brass capped solid wood legs
(D - 30cm x 30cm, H – 44cm)

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