Wednesday, January 18, 2012

new kitchenalia and collectables at Vamp...

Red enamel coffee pot @ R165.00. (bottom diameter +-11cm, height +- 14cm) 

Bambi shell ashtray @ R55.00 (bottom diameter +-11cm, height +- 7cm) 

Ball jar with original lid @ R145.00 (bottom diameter +-11cm, height+-24cm) 

 Little bunny figurines @ R45.00 each (height+- 6cm) 

Small condiment pot with ceramic spoon @ R45.00 (diameter+-7cm, height+-9cm)

 Juice jug @ R45.00 (bottom diameter+-12cm, height +-19cm) 

Cream enamel coffee pot @ R135.00 (bottom diameter +-11cm, height +-16cm) 

Two blue Glass bake (USA) dishes with lids @ R55.00 each (diameter +-12cm, height+- 8cm)

Red metal trivet @ R45.00 (+-25cm x 15cm)

Lemonade jug with blue lid @ R55.00 (bottom diameter +-11cm, height +- 23cm) 

 Johnson Bros, Snowhite platter @ R75.00 (31cm x 24cm) 

 Wooden rolling pin with red handles @ R175.00 (length +-47cm) 

 Blue Lucia swan @ R55.00 (height +- 10cm) 

 White Kenwood mixing bowl @ R95.00 (diameter +- 18cm, height +-14cm) 

 Honey pourer @ R55.00 (diameter +-9cm, height +- 14cm) 

 Tala measure @ R65.00 (top diameter +- 10.5cm, height +- 14cm) 

 Hardcover Enid Blyton, "The Mystery that Never Was" @ R65.00

2 full packs of vintage playing cards @ R45.00

 Dog and cat tin @ R55.00 (+-20cm x 12cm x 10cm high) 

Cat tin @ R55.00  (+- 15cm x 11cm x 10cm high) 

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