Monday, April 23, 2012

WE-FLOCK by Claudette Maskell now available at Vamp...

I first came across designer and illustrator Claudette Maskell's work at the Design Indaba in Cape Town earlier this year. It was love at first sight! Claudette was busy with an interview at the time, so I grabbed a card, thinking I would give her a call  the following week. To my delight she beat me to it... and her new prints are now available at Vamp!

Claudette completed her honours degree in Graphic design at the University of the North West, Potchefstroom (2011). In the same year, she was a 3 x Loerie finalist in print (publication), craft and mixed media campaigns. In 2012 Claudette was awarded a stand as an Emerging Creative at Design Indaba 2012. No bad going eh? 

W E - F L O C K is Claudette's collection of hand printed fabrics and illustrations. All illustrations for the collection are first drawn with ink and brush and are then digitally re-worked and finally screen printed onto fabrics or paper.
The name came to her by chance but its significance lies in the fact that we are all naturally drawn towards that which we feel is beautiful and/or intriguing.
The fabrics and prints combine some elements of traditional organic ink illustrations with some very graphic interpretations.She is very much influenced by street art, graffiti, pop culture symbolism as well as elements of mysticism both in cultures, religions and mother nature. She enjoys creating unexpected combinations.Her prints and illustrations also explore aspects of ritualism, tribal art and patterning.

'Guardians' Screen printed by hand. Signed and dated limited edition. 31cm x 42cm. On 300gsm Rosaphine Fabriano. R260.00 unframed 

'Hunter' and 'Gatherer' Screen printed by hand.Signed and dated limited edition. 13.5cm x 20.5cm. On 300gsm Rosaphine Fabriano. R100 unframed. 

'Protector' Signed and dated limited edition. 13cm x 19cm. R80.00 unframed. 
'Watchman' Screen printed by hand. Signed and dated limited edition. 10cm x 15cm. On 300gsm Rosaphine Fabriano. R80.00 unframed. 

'Safe as Houses' Screen printed by hand. Signed and dated limited edition. On 300gsm Rosaphine Fabriano.33cm x 44cm. R290.00 unframed. 

'Mandala" Screen printed by hand. Signed and dated limited edition. A2 size. On 300gsm Rosaphine Fabriano. R450.00 unframed. 

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