Friday, October 19, 2012

New furniture this week at Vamp - 19 October 2012

Mid-century Kiaat Sideboard
Length – 163cm| Depth – 45cm| Height - 81cm

Polished metal drawers with bright red accents
Length – 27cm| Depth – 37cm| Height - 48cm

Hot pink vintage metal in-tray
Length – 38cm| Depth – 23cm| Height - 19cm

Retro Sapele wood extendable table.
Extended: 210cm x 89cm| Height – 74.5cm
Not extended: 165cm x 89cm| Height – 74.5cm

1950’s E.E Meyer solid Japanese Oak stool
51.5cm x 33.5cm| Height – 42cm

Round Imbuia ‘Binnehuis’ coffee table.
Having never had one of these in the shop before, we have been lucky enough to find 3 in various places in the past weeks!
Diameter – 123cm| Height – 41cm

Set of 6 ladder-back Binnehuis Imbuia chairs (including 2 carvers) re-upholstered in a grey and white flecked, textured fabric
Height of seat – 45.5cm| Height of backrest – 93.5cm| Seat – 53cm x 41.5cm

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