Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New vintage kitchenalia and collectables at Vamp - 12 February 2013

 From left to right:
·         Leather tape measure. Abbey Hockley (England). Ribbon end damaged | @ R145 | Diameter – 14.5cm
·         Leather tape measure. John Rabone and Sons (England). Ribbon end slightly damaged | @ R145 | Diameter – 11cm
·         Boxwood carpenters rule.  Rabone (England) @ R165. Perfect condition
·         Leather tape measure. Trebble (England). Excellent condition | @ R265 | Diameter – 11cm

Vintage enamel vessels. Great for planting outdoor plants and herbs in! Can  be attached to the wall.
Left : Diameter – 13cm, Height 25.5cm | @ R145
Right: Diameter – 11cm, Height 18cm | @ R115

Vintage cream enamel jug
Diameter – 12cm| Height – 15cm

Orange plastic bottle carrier. Also great for pot plants. I have one at home which I have planted Violets in, they look fab!
26cm x 28cm  | Height – 25.5cm incl handle

Blue Fireking mixing bowl
Top Diameter – 19cm | Height – 12cm

KLM Bols Delft miniature houses. All sealed. No’s 57 and 42.
Height +- 12cm
R185 each 

A selection of delft tiles
15cm x 15cm
R75 each 

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