Friday, April 12, 2013

This weeks new vintage furniture stock at Vamp - 12 April 2013

New at Vamp! The Miyabi chair. Powder coated metal base in yellow with fabric seats and backrest. Brand new condition.
Height of back – 80cm | Height of seat – 40cm| Size of seat – 40cm x 40cm

Vintage record stand re-sprayed in teal, cream and tangerine. Good revamped condition.
Length – 91.5cm| Depth – 37.5cm| Height – 97cm

Stack of 3 Mahogany stools with cushions re-upholstered in Hertex, Bondi. Good revamped condition.
44cm x 44cm| Height of single stool – 34cm| Height of stack of 3 stools – 81cm

A set of 4 retro dining chairs in Sapele and Mahogany wood with seats re-upholstered in a grey textured Hertex fabric. Good revamped condition.
Height of back – 79.5cm| Height of seat – 48cm| Size of seat – 38cm x 38cm

A set of 4 retro dining chairs in Maple and Mahogany wood with seats re-upholstered in green ‘Vigo’ by Hertex Fabrics. Good revamped condition.
Height of back – 77.5cm |Height of seat – 45cm| Size of seat – 45cm x 45cm

Retro half-moon side table with Tangerine top. Good revamped condition.
61cm x 41cm| Height – 47cm

Vintage document tray in Mahogany wood with hot pink accents. Good revamped condition.
Length – 104cm| Depth – 39cm| Height – 12.5cm

A set of 2 oval mirrors with Teak wood backing. We have had a few of these recently, but these are the last of the batch! Good condition.

Vintage brushed steel drawers with compartments for holding photos and postcards. Good revamped condition.
Length – 20.5cm| Depth – 61cm| Height – 35.5cm

The most incredible early 1900’s Walnut Gentlemans wardrobe. Manufactured by ‘Compactom’ of Regents Street London with original makers mark intact. The attention to detail is unbelievable with secret compartments, swiveling drawers, Bakelite labels, tie hooks, hat storage, underwear drawers and shoe storage to name a few.  Something you have to come in and see to fully appreciate!
Length – 144cm| Depth – 55cm| Height – 186cm

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