Friday, June 21, 2013

New vintage furniture stock at Vamp - 21 June 2013

Small Imbuia vintage cabinet with red accents
Length – 61cm| Depth – 45cm| Height – 70cm

3 vintage metal trommels. Please note they do not have locks
#23:  Length – 67cm| Depth - 45cm| Height – 41cm  @ R750
#16:  Length – 64cm| Depth – 42cm| Height – 42cm @ R750
#32:  Length – 79cm| Depth – 56cm| Height – 50cm@ R750

Vintage 1950’s pram in immaculate condition
Length – 103cm incl. handles| Depth – 47cm| Height – 120cm with hood up

Vintage desk top brushed metal drawers made by Owen and Randall, Maidenhead England
Length – 28cm| Depth – 38cm| Height – 29.5cm

A set of 5 vintage school chairs re-sprayed a light grey, can be purchased separately.
Height of seat – 45cm| Height of back – 80cm| Size of seat – 35cm x 35cm

A vintage Teak and Imbuia wood felt lined display counter with dark grey legs.
Length – 125cm| Depth – 45cm| Height – 93cm

An Imbuia wood vintage sideboard with white accents
Length – 136cm| Depth – 44cm| Height – 66cm

A solid Maple wood vintage chair with cream accents
Height of seat – 46cm| Height of back – 89.5cm| Size of seat – 38cm x 36cm

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