Monday, July 22, 2013

Lindie Meyer Photography - 22 July 2013

A couple of weeks ago, an e-mail landed in my inbox. It was from Cape Town based photographer Lindie Meyer, asking if we would be interested in her taking some shots of Vamp. 

She suggested a Sunday. Now Sundays are my day to chill, to shop, to watch movies, visit friends, I kinda hesitated for a split second... until I clicked onto her website and saw the incredible pics she takes and replied to her e-mail with a resounding hells yeah! 

I am so happy I did. Lindie is lovely. She calmly came in, started shooting straight away and delivered the pics to me a few days later. Although I take a lot of my own product shots, I am really by no stretch of the imagination a photographer and the professional pics we had taken when our new shop opened have been seen a zillion times over, so I am delighted to have these new images to show off. 

I highly recommend anyone that wants a bit of a portfolio of their space to call Lindie right away. Take a look at her website too, she's amazing. 

Thanks Lindie, for your gorgeous fresh photo's, I love them!

Here's a small selection: 


  1. wow, your store looks beaut! (but then it always did!) lovely pics x

    1. Thanks! Hope to see you in CT again sometime soon :)