Friday, August 23, 2013

New vintage furniture stock at Vamp - 23 August 2013

Sapele ‘Frystark’ wall unit with orange, chartreuse and electric blue accents
Length – 167cm| Depth – 38cm| Height – 140cm

Mid Century Oak magazine shelf
Length – 51cm| Depth – 41cm| Height – 46cm

Pair of yellow Danish Mid-Century Folke Palsson J77 hairs for FDB Mobler.
Height of back – 79cm| Height of seat – 43cm| Size of seat – 42cm x 37cm

Retro metal dumb valet powder coated in red
Base: 45cm x 30cm | Height – 105cm

Vintage Haberdashery counter
Length – 186cm| Depth – 60cm| Height – 91cm

Vintage blue Formica kitchen chair
Height of back –78cm| Height of seat – 44cm| Size of seat – 38cm x 37cm

New from Vamp!
The BabyGrand sideboard  in African Mahogany wood. This product is newly manufactured by Vamp and colours can be customized.
Length – 110cm | Depth – 45cm | Height – 72cm 


  1. Could you pls tell me the price of the "Sapele ‘Frystark’ wall unit with orange, chartreuse and electric blue accents"

  2. Hi Nikki, I am so sorry that sold just after it came into the shop:(