Friday, September 6, 2013

New vintage furniture stock at Vamp - 06 September 2013

Vintage Oak Haberdashery counter with a red base
Length – 183cm| Depth – 61cm | Height – 97cm

Vintage printers tray with brass inserts
Length – 82cm| Depth – 36cm| Height – 5cm

Vamp bookshelf in African Mahogany
Length – 118cm | Depth – 30cm| Height – 76cm

Vintage bedside lamp re-sprayed red
Base – 14cm| Height as per pic – 31cm

Vintage solid Oak two-seater school desk
Length – 106cm| Depth including seats – 74cm| Height – 78cm

Sapele Wall unit with chartreuse, dark grey and cream accents
Length – 126cm| Depth at widest point – 42cm| Height – 200cm

Adjustable retro wall unit in Kiaat 
Length – 247cm| Depth – 38cm| Height – 183cm

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