Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New kitchenalia and collectables just unpacked at Vamp - 13 May 2014

1920’s Tinker Toy Wonder Builder construction set
Inspired by watching children play with pencils, sticks and empty spools of thread, Charles Pajeau and Robert Petit created Tinker Toys in 1914. Tinker Toys originally sold for 60¢ and were first called the “Thousand Wonder Builder.”
The distinctive mailing tube package was selected to help reduce shipping costs. The back of the package included an address label with a space for postage.

This is definitely an early Tinkertoy set with the copyright on the box being 1929. The sticks and spools are predominantly natural wood, with a few colourful sticks and red spools which would have been added later as the red spools were only introduced in the 30’s and the colourful sticks in the 50’s.

Original box, incomplete set, but more than enough parts to create magical constructions!

Diameter -7.5 | Height – 31cm

Vintage folding frame sewing/knitting basket. Wood is in excellent condition, as is the fabric although it does have some age appropriate marks.
Open: 37.5cm x 32cm | Height – 35cm 

1960’s Arabia Pomona lidded strawberry jam pot. Designed by Ulla Procope with pattern design by Raija Uosikkinen. Made in Finland. Good condition except for one tiny nick at the bottom and some crazing on the lid.
Diameter (including lid) 9.5cm - | Height (including lid) – 6.5cm

A 1960’s  Arabia Pomona lidded honey pot decorated with Raija Uosikkinen's fabulous honeybee design. Made in Finland. Excellent condition.
Diameter - 10cm - | Height (including lid) – 9cm

Vintage Midwinter porcelain pie bird. This is a Clarice Cliff design. Cliff sold her potteries to Midwinter in 1964 and these pie birds were produced until 1968. Very good condition except for a tiny nick and very slight crazing on the base.
Height – 11cm

Large jug Grindley Cream Petal jug from the Paulette range
Top diameter – 11.5cm | Height – 15cm

Vintage mirror with a sunrise silhouette pattern
45.5cm x 30cm

Vintage green and white spotted tins, marked Cobra Polishes underneath
Large: Diameter – 14cm | Height – 22cm

Small: Diameter – 12.5cm | Height – 18cm

1960’s Yellow Pyrex dish with black snowflake patterm. Lid has a few small nicks.
32.5cm x 21.5cm| Height with Lid – 7.5cm

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