Friday, May 16, 2014

New vintage furniture at Vamp - 16 May 2014

Sweet solid Oak vintage bedside cupboard or cabinet.
Length at widest point – 53cm | Depth at widest point – 55cm | Height – 80cm

Small vintage occasional or kitchen table with solid wood base and a beige Formica top
61cm x 40.5cm | Height – 77cm

Vintage ladder and stool with original black vinyl seat and wooden steps
Base: 41cm x 34cm | Height – 61cm

Beautiful vintage printers tray with brass inserts, originally from Die Burger Newspapers. The drawer is labelled: 9pt Garamond Bold U/L
82cm x 42.5cm 

Single original Globe chair.  The Globe Chair was originally designed and patented in 1921, and made in Durban, South Africa until the early 1940’s
Height of seat – 45cm| Height of back – 88cm| Size of seat – 40cm x 39cm

A pair of bevelled Deco mirrors with all original fittings
L: 54.5cm x 32.5cm
R: 55cm x 32.5cm 

A solid wood vintage tapestry fire screen
Base: 51cm x 23cm | Height – 71cm 

Lovely long, Mid-Century Imbuia coffee table
151cm x 51.5cm | Height – 39.5cm

I was so excited when I saw these chairs! I was convinced that they were original ‘Ceska’ chairs designed by Marcel Breuer in 1928, convinced! They even had the ‘Made in Italy’ stickers underneath. Bad news: They are copies. Good News: They are very attractive and really well made copies. Made in Italy, in the 70’s.

I did quite a bit of research before reaching my conclusion so here’s a little history if you’re interested…

Breuer’s fondness for tubular steel and his knowledge of how to use it in chair construction was already illustrated in the Club chair “B 3” or Wassily chair introduced in 1925.
He designed the iconic cantilevered B32 chair in 1927. It was renamed the "Cesca" chair after Breuer's daughter Francesa. It was produced by Thonet, then Gavina(Italy), and later Knoll. The chair was never copyrighted because of a dispute over who invented tubular-steel chairs which may explain why so many “Breuer-like chairs” are available for purchase today.

There are 8 chairs in total. 6 are the very well made Italian chairs and the other two, whilst there is nothing wrong them are just not as nice – They must have been added to set at a later date and are from a different manufacturer, but perfect if you need to add a chair or two to your collection when you have extra dinner guests. I have priced them accordingly.

Height of seat – 47cm | Height of back – 82cm | Size of seat – 47cm x 42.5cm

Vintage enamel topped kitchen table with a white wooden base, black capped legs and a single cutlery drawer
117cm x 79cm| Height – 76cm

Spacious, long and high solid Oak retro sideboard with an angled drinks cupboard and shelf on the side,
Length – 270cm| Depth – 52cm | Height – 102cm

Beech wood vintage dumb valet
Base: 41cm x 33cm | Height – 114cm

Vintage Greaves and Thomas (England) solid wood nest of tables
Biggest tbl:47cm x 34cm  | Height – 53cm

70’s copper coloured anodized aluminium and glass light pendant
Diameter – 34cm| Height of shade – 18cm

Solid teak table top display. I am not sure but this looks like some sort of cubby hole, possibly old railways stock? Fab display cabinet regardless!
Length – 86cm | Depth – 25cm | Height – 32cm

Double table top vintage display with glass sliding doors.
Length – 93cm | Depth – 45cm | Height – 57cm

Fab little Walnut Art Deco drinks cabinet with mirrored interior, original juice squeezer, olive picks (all 6 of them are there, sorry, not all shown in pic) and bottle holders. Has lights that work. Made in England by Rivington.
Length – 91cm | Depth – 40cm | Height – 107cm

Those of you that regularly read our mailing list will have seen these before. This is the last of our stock of 1970’s workstations and pedestals that come out of a UCT residence.

Pair of 3 drawer Mahogany bedside pedestals with original grey Formica tops.  
Length – 41cm | Depth – 50cm | Height – 46cm

Retro workstation with original grey Formica tops and a Mahogany wood structure.
Length – 160cm | Depth – 55cm| Height – 76cm

Pair of 1 drawer Mahogany bedside pedestals with original grey Formica tops.
Length – 41cm | Depth – 50cm | Height – 46cm

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