Friday, May 23, 2014

Vintage Fisher Price toys just unpacked at Vamp - 23 May 2014

New stock just unpacked and still available! 

Classic vintage Fisher Price “Play Family Farm”. Marked: '67 Fisher Price Toys, East Aurora, N.Y. Made in the USA. US Patent pending. #915. 

Consists of barn with Masonite floor, Silo (missing it's plastic roof) 5 fence pieces, 1 trough, 1 hen, 1 rooster, 1 horse and harness (legs damaged, but can stand), 2 cows, A tractor and trailer, 1 dog (one leg missing, but can stand) , 1 sheep (legs and ears damaged, but can stand) a pig, a farmer, his wife and 2 children (The farmers sons hat is missing). I am pretty sure the set is complete, but some components may come from later sets.

The Play Family Farm was the very first play-and-carry Little People set. "Play-and-carry" meaning that it is a closeable building that houses all of the accessories and features a handle to take the set on the go. If you are interested, for more info HERE
Barn: 28cm x 17.5cm | Height – 22cm
R435 for the set

Classic vintage wooden "Fisher Price Music Box Teaching Clock" Marked: ’62 68 Fisher Price toys, East Aurora, N.Y. Made in USA. Musical movement made in Japan.#998. 
The music box still works when wound up, but is a little laboured and slow!
17cm x 7.5cm | Height – 27cm

Classic vintage wooden pull toy “Fisher Price Mini Copter”. Marked: Made in USA, '70 Fisher Price Toys, East Aurora, N.Y. #448. Good condition. 
Length – 18cm| Height – 12cm

Classic vintage "Fisher Price Giant Screen - Music Box TV. Two Tune. Two Picture Stories. Marked: Made in USA. '68 Fisher Price Toys. East Aurora, N.Y. Sadly the mechanism no longer works, but it would have played London Bridge and Row, Row Your Boat. Still a great display piece! 
25cm x 9cm | Height – 22cm

Classic vintage “Fisher Price Roly Poly Chime Ball”. Marked: ’66 Fisher Price Toys. Made in USA, Easy Aurora, N.Y. #165. Great piece, chimes work perfectly. 
Diameter - 15cm

Classic vintage “Fisher Price Play Family School” Marked: ’71 Fisher Price Toys. East Aurora, N.Y. Made in USA. Patent Pending. #923.
Sadly this school has lost all it’s furniture and part and many of the decals that it came it. For more information on the original, take a look HERE. Having said that it’s still a great piece, the wall flaps down to reveal the inside of the school and the bell works perfectly! 
31cm x 27cm | Height – 30cm

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