Friday, October 10, 2014

New kitchenalia and collectables at Vamp - 10 October 2014

Deco mirror and cane Vogue bar tray
39cm x 28cm

A pretty pair of 60’s beer mugs
Diameter – 8.5cm | Height – 14cm
R95 each 

Small vintage wicker picnic basket
39cm x 28cm | Height - 15cm

A pair of Vintage Bakelite/Melmac US military mess trays. Stamped: U.S. BOLTA MFG'D 1968. the letters W1 and W2 have been hand carved on the undersides of these platters. Rare in these parts and a good addition to a military collection. Excellent condition
35cm x 27cm
R285 each

Tin vintage Willow Pattern tray in Green
Diameter – 28cm

Round JAJ (England) dish depicting a hunting scene, on a chrome stand with candle burner to keep your food warm. Small chip on the underside of the lid.
Diameter (excluding handles) – 22cm |Height excl. stand - 14cm | Height on stand – 22cm

A  pair of vintage Genie bottles. The green one made in Italy and the blue in Taiwan
Green: Height -58cm @ R185
Blue: Height – 28cm  @ R105 

1950’s cast iron sellotape dispenser. They sure aren’t made like this anymore!
16cm x 7cm | Height - 6cm

Vintage glass flower frog. Stamped: Made in England. Patent 7830/1910. Some small chips on the rim from use over many years, but in overall good condition
Diameter – 9.5cm | Height – 6.5cm

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