Friday, October 31, 2014

New vintage furniture just unpacked at Vamp - 31 October 2014

A beautiful vintage Peacock chair made of wicker and cane
Height of back – 145cm | Height of seat – 44cm| Diameter of seat – 50cm 

A mid-century sideboard made with Sapele and Mahogany woods. Manufactured by South African company, Duros
Length – 152cm | Depth – 46cm | Height – 80cm 

Mid-century Willow chair manufactured by South African company Frystark. Made of Sapele and Mahogany woods with a plywood back and seat
Height of back – 78cm | Height of seat – 45.5cm  | Size of seat – 44.5cm x 43cm

Mid-century Sapele and Mahogany two tier coffee table with a black glass inlay. This table was manufactured by local South African company Bakker and Steyger
119cm x 53cm | Height – 40cm 

Sturdy solid oak two drawer flip top desk. Manufactured in the 1960’s by South African company Frystark
Length – 121cm | Depth – 49.5cm | Height – 75cm 

Two very retro wooden bar units, with original yellow Formica on the counter tops. These two can be joined together to form a bigger bar or separated into two single bars and we are happy to sell them either way
Single: Length – 95cm | Depth – 53cm | Height – 107.5cm

A very beautifully crafted long and heavy solid wood coffee table with an original Formica top in grey with cream star bursts. The Formica has faded a little with age, but this is an absolutely fantastic piece none the less!
174cm x 61cm | H – 41cm 

A small sewing kist with a faux mosaic vinyl top
66cm x 41cm | Height – 60cm 

Small retro dressing table with dark grey accents on the drawers
Length – 107cm | Depth – approx. 43cm | Height to top of dressing table –66cm  | Height to top of mirror – 120cm 

Retro bedside pedestal on original castors with cream accents on the drawers
Length – 39cm | Depth – 46cm | Height to the top shelf – 64cm | Height including raised back edge – 69cm 

We have new Moonbasket hand crocheted lamp shades and carpets in stock.
Carpets – Silver runner 200cm x 90cm @ R5940 + Silver rug 100cm diameter  R3000
Shades: Large Pumpkin shape shades (80cm) @ R3200, small pumpkin shape shade (50cm) @

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