Friday, November 21, 2014

New hand crocheted creatures just unpacked - 21 November 2014

We are pleased to introduce a new supplier...PROJEKT is a design-based fair trade initiative, providing ongoing skills training, through workshops and lessons to their 25 members from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Congo and South Africa, working with design direction from Peta Becker. All these little PROJEKT creatures are hand crocheted from 100% cotton. 
We love their detailed impeccable work. They sure have some crazy crochet skills!

Handmade dogs with bones
2 sizes:
Large: Length – +-18cm | Height – +-12cm @ R485 each 
Small: Length - +-12cm | Height - +-7cm @ R310 each

Handmade rabbits :
2 sizes:
Large: Height - +-20cm @ R275 each 
Small: Height - +-12cm @ R170 each

Handmade foxes 
2 sizes: 
Large: Height - +-16cm @ R275 each
Small: Height - +-12cm @ R185 each

Handmade Mice
Height – 11cm 
R140 each

Handmade Monkeys 
3 sizes:
Large: Height – +-12.5cm @ R150 each 
Small: Height - +-10cm @ R120 each
Mini: Height - +-7.5cm @ R100 each

Handmade Bowtie Bears 
Height – +-14cm 
R345 each

Handmade Cacti
Bottom diameter – +-10cm | Height – +-43cm
R585 each

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