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This weeks new vintage furniture stock at Vamp_29 January 2016

Please contact us on 021 448 2755 or should you have any enquiries or find us at 368c Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. Thank you!

A classic Mid-Century solid Imbuia sideboard
Length – 182cm | Depth – 50cm | Height – 83.5cm

A round Mid-Century Imbuia dining table
Diameter – 152cm | Height – 73cm

An 18 drawer vintage CF Prins library index unit in Oak wood. We have adapted the drawers so they can be used for storage by building up the sides. A very handy storage space!
Length –128cm | Depth – 53cm | Height – 122cm

A mid-century Sapele and Mahogany sideboard manufactured in South Africa by Duros
Length – 183cm| Depth – 45.5cm| Height – 78cm

A fabulous 1950’s chrome breadbin with drawers for coffee (lidded drawer), tea, sugar and flour! Marked: Krestline, Speco Products, Chicago, Illinois, Des. Pat 186 680. This breadbox can sit atop a counter or has two keyholes for hanging on the wall.
Length – 45.5cm | Depth – 26cm | Height – 31cm

A trio of round mid-century stack stools
Height of 1 stool – 35cm | Height of 3 stacked stools – 86cm| Diameter incl. leg – 44cm

A wooden mid-century Atomic style lamp
Base: 42cm x 42cm x 42cm | Height – 80cm

A set of 4 J67 chairs designed by Ejvind A. Johansson in 1957 and produced by FDB in Denmark. These chairs are in excellent overall condition, although they do have some very light marks on the paint work. They are marked with the FDB branding.
Height of seat – 46cm | Height of back – 80cm | Size of seat – 46cm x 44cm | Depth – 50cm

About the Designer:
Born in 1923 Ejvind Johansson trained in the traditional methods of cabinetmaking and joinery and after his training he studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, as most of his contemporaries did, graduating in 1949. In 1956 he became the head of design at Fredericia Stolefabric (FDB), occupying a position previously held by renowned Danish designer Borge Mogensen who took the company and brought it into the modern age with simple, clean and almost spare designs that would go on to become icons of Danish Modernism. Ejvind Johansson designs which embodied the idea of well-made, everyday furniture, suited perfectly the new design aesthetic and today Frederica still manufactures many of his designs.

A Moduline sofa designed by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen & Torben Lind for France and Son, Denmark, 1962. The sofa consist of 4 chairs each with solid timber bases and original wool seats. The modules can be attached together and arranged as you please. This set bears the France and Son makers mark.
Per unit: Height of seat – 38cm | Height of back – 70cm | Size of seat – 60cm x 49cm | Depth – 73cm

About the Designer: 
Danish designer Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen apprenticed as a cabinetmaker in that distinguished Danish tradition and attended the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He was also a member of the Danish Design Council and became an educator at the Kunsthandvrerkerskolen (School of Arts and Crafts) before eventually Rector of the Department of Furniture Design. He has had many international exhibitions, including at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His collaboration with the architect Torben Lind gave birth to their Moduline Sofa series, the appealing design that allows for personal configurations of the pieces

A Luna lounge chair designed by Pierre Guariche for his planetary series for Meurop, Belgium, 1967. The chair swivels and is covered in the original black skai (faux leather). The fabric has quite a few small nicks on it (looks like a cat may have been sharpening its claws!), but these are only noticeable if you are examining it up very close. There is also a small chip out of the underneath edge of the base which again is not noticeable unless you are examining the chair from up close and it is upside down!. 
Height of seat – 43cm | Height of back – 70cm | Diameter of cushion – 42cm | Diameter of base – 48cm | Depth – 60cm

About the designer:
Pierre Guariche (France, 1926 - 1995) was one of France's most famous post-war designers. Born in 1926, he graduated from France's École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in 1949. Trained as a set designer-decorator, he began in Marcel Gascoin's studio, and then struck out on his own in 1951. In 1957 Guariche went to Belgium to manage the design department of a furniture manufacturer: Meurop. In the late 1950s he became head of the Meurop design studio. At the height of his career, Guariche worked mostly as an architect, designing many private residences as well as commercial and public spaces, including several ski stations. Overall, his designs reflect a commitment to simplicity and to creating furniture in series that can be industrially produced.

Brown leather Siesta chair by Ingmar Relling for Westnofa, Norway, 1965
Height of seat – 45cm | Height of back – 80cm | Size of seat – 63cm x 43cm | Depth – 80cm

Darker brown leather Siesta chair (Tear in leather) by Ingmar Relling for Westnofa, Norway, 1965
Height of seat – 45cm | Height of back – 80cm | Size of seat – 63cm x 43cm | Depth – 80cm

Black Siesta foot stool by Ingmar Relling for Westnofa, Norway, 1965
Height of seat – 45cm |Size of seat – 63cm x 53cm

About the designer:
The iconic Norwegian designer Ingmar Anton Relling (1920 - 2002) was born in Sikkvlven, Norway.
From the age of 16 he worked at the Vestlandske Mobelfabrikk AS. Seven years later he started his studies in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at Oslo's SKHS (Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole) After finishing his studies in 1947 he worked in the drawing offices of Rastad & Relling AS before setting up his own studio in 1950. For several years he concentrated on interior architecture and worked on churches, libraries and a hotel, but from 1960 Relling dedicated himself entirely to furniture design. In doing this he became Norway's most famous and recognised furniture designer as well as one of the greatest contributors to the concept 'Scandinavian Design'. Relling attained international acclaim with his SIESTA chair. The series represented new thinking in terms of both construction and form. 

A 1980’s Scandinavian cantilever chair and footstool made from black painted bent plywood with black leather upholstery. Very good condition and super comfy!
Chair: Height of seat – 39cm| Height of back – 97cm | Size of seat – 48cm x 48cm | Depth – 84.5cm
Footstool – 67cm x 47cm | Height – 39cm

A 50’s 3 seater sofa made in Holland. The sofa is upholstered in a tan coloured vinyl and a beige wool fabric. Please note, whilst the fabric is in very good condition for its age, it is all original and therefor the colour is a little worn (as you can see in the pic), it can however easily be recovered. The sofa is very comfortable!
Height of seat – 40cm | Height of back – 80cm | Size of seat – 148cm x 48cm | Depth – 83cm

A bent plywood lounge chair in Beech wood with a leather seat which is fastened to the base with rope. A good looking chair in excellent condition and super comfy!
Height of seat – 44cm | Height of back – 98.5cm | Size of seat – 63cm x 47cm | Depth – 81.5cm

A Mid-Century Dutch chrome floor lamp with a round black shade
Base 26cm | Height – 155cm

A mid-century Hala Zeist floor lamp (Netherlands)
Base – 25cm | Height as per pic – 130cm | Height straight up – 169cm

The Chouchin shade designed by Ionna Vautrin for Foscarini Italy in 2011 was inspired by traditional Japanese paper and bamboo lanterns used as lights and bright signs outside restaurants and bars. Chouchin is a downlighter made from lacquered blown glass.
Please note, this is not brand new and has some scratches to the base which can be seen on close inspection. These are not noticeable when the light is hung
Diameter – approx. 22cm | Height – approx. 43cm

This Sonate Pendant is an exquisite design in Aubergine coloured blown cased glass by Danish master Michael Bang for Holmegaard, Denmark (1978)
Bottom diameter – approx. 37cm | Height of glass pendant – approx. 25cm

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