Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vamp mirrors back in stock! 26 April 2016

These guys seem to fly out of our shop! All those customers waiting for mirrors, come and get them! We have just restocked with all shapes and sizes.

Vamp Mirrors are manufactured using African Mahogany veneered wood as a backing, 3mm mirror (except the large oval which is 4mm) and retro chrome fittings.

Vamp medium shaped mirror
55cm x 55cm

Vamp medium octagonal mirror (Can be hung either way)
41cm x 61cm

Round mirrors come in the following standard sizes

Diameter 25cm @ R385
Diameter 35cm @ RR485
Diameter 45cm @ R635
Diameter 55cm @ R975
Diameter 65cm @ R1250

Small oval mirror. Can be hung either way
45cm x 66cm

Vamp large oval mirror. Can be hung either way
45cm x 120cm

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