Friday, April 21, 2017

New vintage furniture stock just unpacked at Vamp! 21 April 2017

These vintage furniture pieces are all one offs and are very popular. To keep things fair we are not able to reserve stock and all items are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Payment secures the deal. You can contact us on 021 448 2755 or should you wish to purchase or have any enquiries or find us at 368c Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

A beautifully crafted adjustable mid-century wall unit with metal sides and solid Imbuia wood shelves and cabinets. Designed by EE Meyer for Binnehuis (SA)
As per photo: Length – 190cm | Depth – 40cm | Height – 194cm 

A rectangular Sapele and Mahogany mid-century dining table.
Length – 181cm | Depth – 91cm | Height – 75cm 

A mid-century sideboard in Sapele and Mahogany
Length – 154cm | Depth – 49cm | Height – 83cm 

A single solid Imbuia mid-century EE Meyer Windsor chair
Height of seat – 45cm | Height of back – 90cm | Depth– 48cm | Width– 40cm 

A beautiful mid-century sideboard in Kiaat
Length – 168cm | Depth – 44cm | Height – 84cm 

A red and white vintage kitchen dresser
Length – 91cm | Depth – 44cm | Height – 173cm 

A long narrow oval mid-century coffee table
Length – 191cm | Depth – 36cm | Height – 35cm 

A pair of antique Spanish birthing chairs
Height of seat – 35cm | Height of back – 75cm | Depth -32cm | Width – 47cm 

A replica globe bar. When I bought this (on the internet) I presumed that it was vintage. It is however a modern replica, but none-the-less a fabulous piece in great condition! It’s a little smaller than the versions that we have had before.
Diameter – 50cm | Height – 95cm 

A mid-century ceiling pendant with 5 glass cone shades
Diameter – 67cm | Height to the top of the fixture – 52cm 

A pair of chrome and glass mid-century wall sconces
Depth from wall - 21cm | Height – 22cm 

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