Monday, July 3, 2017

Introducing Henceforth blankets, family heirlooms of the future! 03 July 2017

I first met Jana, maker of these extraordinary blankets as a customer when we first opened Vamp, many years ago. As well as buying things for herself, Jana would also buy and hire items for shoots and commercials she was styling. Over the years, I got to know her and her impeccable taste! Needless to say when she approached me and said that she had started a business making quilts, I just knew they would be special and jumped at the opportunity to stock them in Vamp. I asked Jana where she got her inspiration from, and she summed it up beautifully!
“The photo of my brother and I makes me so emotional, not because that blanket is so hideous, but because it is in EVERY picture of us as kids: when we went on holiday, when we went for a picnic, to the park, when we sat in front of the TV on a cold night, when we went camping. It was The Family Blanket. Always thrown in a bag or basket or in the car. Every family has that blanket. I want to make that blanket for families. But less hideous. I want it to be a gift for when babies arrive. I want it to be in every picture. I want families to take it everywhere. I want mom to sit under it when the kids have gone to sleep, and she can just relax with a glass of wine in front of the TV. I want it over Granny’s knees when she sits knitting. I want it in the car on road trips. I think people would love to own something unique that can journey with them. I want it to be with a family so long that it ends up in tatters in a 100 years time, but hey cannot bear to get rid of it, because of all the memories.
No two blankets are the same. The joy for me in making it, is the search for unique fabrics and the combination of textures and colours. Sometimes they are inspired by the colours in an artwork, or a particular combination of colours in nature, like a sunset, sometimes just finding a special piece of fabric inspires the whole thing!"


We are privileged to now stock these beautiful blankets at Vamp!
The blanket has a top layer, made either from cotton, cotton canvas or linen, a luxurious 100% cotton batting and a linen and cotton blend backing.
Size: Approximately 120cm x 170cm
R1500 each
Care instructions: Cold machine wash separately with a mild detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Iron smooth if needed (although Jana prefers that crinklyness that comes with age and washing. It softens the whole thing. Like a pair of leather shoes gets better over time)

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