Friday, October 14, 2011

new furniture stock at Vamp this week...

New round deco style mirrors with wooden backing, available with or without chains 
(S:D – 15cm, M : D – 25cm, L : D – 35cm, XL : D – 45cm )

"Saw Ohn Nyun" print by Sir Gerald Kelly (1932) 
(54cm x 67cm)

Bright orange metal locker
(L – 47cm, D – 63cm, H – 132cm)

 Imbuia armchair re-upholstered in a textured smoky blue

Small solid Imbuia round side table 
(D – 32cm, H – 39cm)

6 Seater Kiaat dining table 
(L – 162cm, D – 92cm, H – 75cm)

Repro Sapele Mahogany bookshelf with solid Meranti legs and black, white and grey accents
(L – 118cm, D – 30cm, H – 76cm)

3 x triangular tables in black, grey and cream
(D – 30cm, H – 36cm)


  1. damn it, you have such nice stuff, I would love to see your house one day.

  2. haha, thanks Angie. I will have you over for tea!