Tuesday, October 18, 2011

new kitchenalia and collectables at Vamp...

Gorgeous metallic green and orange 'Inca' vintage scales @ R275.00 each

 Fabulously kitsch bird ornament @ R65.00

Lovely 50's design "Freezeheat" flask. There are two available at R135.00 each

 Very old Brer Rabbit Stories annual @ R85.00

 Vintage vinyl / record case @ R 45.00

 Lovely yellow decanter and 5 glasses @ R165.00 for the set

White vintage Salter Scale @ R265.00

 Selection of Enid Blyton story books @ R60.00 each

 'Palissy' Viola gravy boat and saucer @ R45.00

Plastic picnic set in blue and white - 4 cups, saucers and sideplates @ R45.00 for the set

 Deco pink glass decanter and 5 glasses @ R165.00

 Old preserve bottles @ R75.00 each

 Harrods tin @ R35.00, Stripped tin @ R60.00

Deco teapot @ R145.00 and milk jug @ R85.00

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