Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3 lovely ladies - New vintage prints at Vamp - 15 April 2014

Title: Saw Ohn Nyum
Artist: Sir Gerald Kelly (1879-1972) was a British artist best known for his portraiture. He enjoyed extensive popularity during his lifetime, notably among the royal family. Kelly was born in London and travelled extensively during his lifetime, selecting exotic locations such as Burma, Africa, Italy and Spain as inspiration for his work and subject matter. He travelled to Paris after university studies where he remained for many years. There he pursued artistic training and befriended fellow art legends Degas, Renoir and Monet among others.
Although Kelly's choice of subject for his paintings was varied, it is his portraits of Burmese girls for which he became best known. His work forms part of several public collections in London including the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Gallery and the Royal College of Music
67cm x 55cm

Title: Yellow Tamein (1963)
ArtistSir Gerald Kelly (1879-1972) 
74cm x 61cm

Title: Juanita(also known as Gypsy lady) Circa 1960’s
Artist: Torino. Little is known about the artist Torino. He painted a series of similar paintings depicting gypsy ladies
80cm x 70cm

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